Until Further Notice 

Since 1881 The First Spiritualist Church of San Diego has been providing the community with Energy Healing, Psychic Development, and Communication with Life on the other side


The Universal Law of THE WORD

Listen as Reverend Lorina explains how our words create our world. 

"What comes TO You comes FROM YOU"

“The First Spiritualist Church of San Diego has a Wonderful collection of  people who are: Joyful, Inclusive, Diverse, Welcoming, Uplifting, Inspirational, Accepting, Wise, & Kind! There are many opportunities to increase your knowledge and understanding...Sunday Services, a delicious meal, workshops, and a variety of classes throughout the week."

Eden Steele

“The First Spiritualist Church of San Diego has given me a much Deeper Understanding of Who I AM, What I Am CONNECTED to, & Ultimately what is WITHIN Me! The Mediums, The Congregation, & The Teachers have made such an impact in my life that I am PROUD to be a part of this Community of Beings who bring LIGHT to the Universe!”

Jack Jacobs


Are YOU a Lightworker?

 Do you have a desire to connect with All That Is and Has Created by bringing in & Shining YOUR Loving Light? 

Welcome HOME!!! 

It is with great love and devotion here at First Spiritualist Church of San Diego we provide a nurturing, loving atmosphere to ALL who serve & seek spiritual wisdom. With open arms & minds we embrace those who wish to expand in their devotion & knowledge of Universal Spiritual Wisdom. 

Whether you are Certified or Not...Have the credentials or NOT...

If you are seeking to join us in our mission & become part of THIS Collective Consciousness...WE WELCOME YOU!!!

We ARE a Community of Lightworkers

"When a Lightworker finds their vibrational tribe, it automatically resonates and creates the spark within."


Not sure where to go? Speak to a certified Psychic Medium to help guide you into your life's purpose



We are The Dream Team of First Spiritualist Church of San Diego. Inspiration & Devotion to the Expansion of LOVE is Our Mission. Our diligent study of Universal Law, Meditation, Mediumship & Healing is what provides us with the knowledge to share with all who seek. 

Divine Assistance from the Heavenly Realms, Angels, Guides, & Loved Ones provide us with practical application to share Loving Inspirational Wisdom that can be used in Anyone's Life. 

YOU are invited to experience this wonderful opportunity! Invite your friends! ALL are WELCOME HERE!!!

We look forward to meeting you soon!



Latest From Youtube

Gather 'Round and listen as 2 friends discuss the Lotus & how it came to be part of The First Spiritualist Church.

  • FLOWING in Creation
  • Being GUIDED by SPIRIT
  • Doing what we have NEVER done BEFORE
  • BEING ONE with the GREAT I AM