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San Diego, Calif. 92105
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Other Spiritual Links

First Christian Spiritualist Church : Located at National City

Fraternal Spiritualist Church : Located at Kensington area

New Concepts in Human Development : New Concepts page is here to offer open minded people the opportunity to experience and share ideas related to the new era of progressive thinking and the Individual's Perspective of the Human Experience.

I Dare to Heal : Joel Vorensky Book describes the techniques of Bioenergetics, Rebirthing, Conscious Healing Breath, Primal Therapy, Relationship/Peer Counseling, Spiritual Music, Mirror Work, Kabbala, Ceremonial Sacred Sweat Lodge, Tantra, Reiki, Drumming, Workshops, Devotional Singing, Synchronicity, Yoga, Tai Chi Chih, Meditation, Reflexology, Affirmations, Shiatsu Massage, Tae Kwon Do, Art Therapy, Healing Touch, Course of Miracles, Kinesiology Chiropractic, Dances of Universal Peace, Acupuncture, Religious Science, Play, Beauty, Laughter, and Jewish Renewal.
Video: Animated Laughter with Feelings!

Elivia's Crystal Bowls : Creative paths to Healing and Awareness and Crystal Bowls music.

Heartlink Mission and Crop Circle Information : Cariel Quinly, M. A., author of the Crop Circle Cards , is a researcher, transformational facilitator, counselor, cosmic telepath and  national/international presenter on the consciousness shift, ET's, and crop circles.

Diane Tessman's Change Times Prophecies : Diane Tessman is an internationally known spiritual counselor. Along with her Star Guardian, Tibus, she has been helping people with their Star Missions. Diane publishes The Star Network Heartline Newsletter, as well as The Change Times Quarterly and other helpful literature.

Tiffiny Snow : Tiffany Snow is a stigmata-bearer, evidence-based miracle healer and intuitive, a mystic often compared to Padre Pio or Teresa of Avila. She simply calls herself, “A Worker for The Big Guy.” Her near-death experience by lightning-strike began her empirical revelations beyond any religion of habit, and into Divine Love. Blessed Tiffany shares advanced methods for becoming a junction point between heaven and earth, where each of us can shift from an ordinary life into an extraordinary one, and experience the miracles everyday. She is an award-winning author of spiritual books and operates The Divine Wellness Institute in Escondido, CA. Call for a distant healing or class information. NEW! Miracle Healing Day every 3rd Saturday of the Month. 800.535.5474.

Sacred Science : working together we are creating an Advanced Science and awakening your Self to your full power and potential.

Spirit Art : Michael Parry and Marti Baker has unique communication with the afterlife using both verbal and visual means.

Beverly Brodsky : Her Near-Death Experience. IANDS groups can be found in communities around the world, meeting to talk about and share near-death experiences, questions about death and dying, and the latest information from NDE research. Use the listings below to find the group nearest you.
Video: Aftereffects Changed My Life

Paula Shaw : Paula Shaw helps people lead successful lives by quickly identifying and eliminating self-sabotaging behavior and limiting beliefs. Using breakthrough energy psychology techniques, she clearly identifies the core issues. Paula then works with the chakras, meridians and the bio-field to dissolve and eliminate unwanted energetic patterns. Measurable change quickly occurs and concrete results manifest in far less time than with traditional therapies.

Rev. Jean Holmes : Universal Church of the Master Internationally Respected Medium and Healer. A "Ghost Whisperer", offering Healing Readings from the Spirits and the Inner Soul, Channeling Messages from Spirit Guides, Soul Retrieval, Metaphysical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Astrological Readings and Horoscope Analysis, Inner Child Healings.

Jenifer Whisper : A Musical Medium, a Song Whisperer, to legendary Hollywood stars and songwriters such as George Gershwin, George M. Cohan, Irving Berlin, and Judy Garland just to name a few. To date over 100 songs and messages have been channeled from the spirits of these celebrated songwriters and legendary stars to whom she affectionately refer to as her Stars Above. Offering Healing Readings from your Higher Self and Channeling Messages from your Spirit Guides. Enjoy channeled music from Judy Garland through Jenifer Whisper A Rainbow of Love which was broadcast on the First Spiritualist Church's Psychic Experience & Star People TV Show.

Linda Berry : Find out more about the Spiritual Discovery Center and Linda Berry's unique and inspiring, healing and growth oriented training, coaching, and personal consulting programs at her center in La Mesa, California. 
Video on Linda Berry on Psychic Experience and Star People

GBS Publishing : Offering original inspirational songs, music, literature, short stories, video books, CDs, and songs for the individual reaching for a higher life experience. Jane Kolar who sang special music before has CD available.

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