First Spiritualist Church
of San Diego
3777 Forty Second St.
San Diego, Calif. 92105
PH: (619) 284-4646

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Online Payment

Additional Options

Be sure you print your receipt and bring the receipt to any events such as Psychic Fair or workshop. 
For donations, please indicate whether it is for Building Fund, Tithing , Office Supply or Overhead Expense

Building Fund Donation
Overhead Expense
Office Supply Donation

Membership Dues
$15.00 for Associate Member 
$30.00 for Full Member 
$25.00 for Full Member (Senior Price) 

Psychic Fair Reading/Healing
$30.00 for Non-members 
$27.00 for Members only 
$15.00 half price for Non-members (Special occasion only) 
$13.50 half price for Members only (Special occasion only) 

Sunday Workshop and Event
$25.00 for Non-Members    
$20.00 for Members only 
$25.00 for Special Event
$20.00 Pet Healing

Spiritual Development Class
Universal Law Class:  
Non-Members $23.00
for Members only $20.00
Psychic Development/Mediumship Class:  
Non-Members $23.00
for Members only $20.00

Other Donations
$15.00 Love Donation
$10.00 Love Donation
$5.00 Love Donation
$8.00 Lunch Donation
$7.00 Lunch Donation
$6.00 Lunch Donation


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